With our 25 years in the exporting business we have have perfected our shipping strategy to ensure your order will arrive on schedule. Our experience has helped us perfect the routes of our shipping containers to facilitate prompt delivery.


We are able to accommodate LCL (Less than Container Loads) and FCL (Full Container Loads). If your cargo size does not occupy a full container, it can be arranged to ship via ocean freight as well. Cargo will be delivered to our warehouse where i will be palletized for shipment. We will merge it with another container going to the same port.


Quit with the fussy fax machines and outdated toners. Our professional staff are trained to answer every inquiry you have, promptly. Send us an email, call us or even send us a fax! Our large office staff is waiting to serve you.

Our Team

About Us

  • 1990

    Who We Are

    Started in 1990 Henry and Eli started to export fine Kosher foods to UK. Fast forward a quarter of a century Northeast Group became leaders of worldwide food distribution. Whatever is your needs Northeast Group can deliver it.

  • 2000

    What We Ship

    We have the experience and capabilities to ship any food products. Dairy products, Fish, Meats - we do it all! Whatever US delicacies you are craving trust Northeast Group to fulfill it.

  • 2020

    Where We Ship

    We export to France, Hong Kong, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, South America, Israel, United Kingdom and many more countries. We have connections with wholesalers, brokers, customs agents and shippers to get your product to you fast. Stop fussing on the petty things let's talk business.


Air Freight

Fly your products all around the world with us! Our Air Freight department is staffed with people with over 75 years of combined experience. This knowledge base allows us to consistently match available air freight carriers and services to our clients needs. We routinely forward air freight of shelf foods and frozen foods. Air Freight is the perfect option when time is critical, if your products have special handling requirements or are sensitive in nature.

Ocean Freight

Full container load (FCL) Shipments are moved with ocean freight lines. We are an independent freight forwarder where we can work with any carrier that can meet the needs of our clients. We look, not for the cheapest price, but the best overall cost. This involves vessel sailing information, vessel transit time, carrier reliability, equipment and space availability, along with customer service of the carrier. Depending on the cargo, the shipper, and the consignee there could be a savings and efficiency in using a larger or smaller container. There are many options and we work to not only understand our clients’ needs, but also the needs of the customer at destination.
Less-Than Container Load (LCL) If your car go size does not occupy a full container, it can be arranged to ship via ocean freight as well. Cargo will be delivered to our warehouse where i will be palatalized for shipment. We will merge it with another container going to the same port. LCL shipments allows us to combined your order with another order in the same container. This saves you money by cutting your costs in half. Some LCL shipments may not be able to support Frozen and perishable items. Please inquire with our office for more information.

Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated ocean containers, also known as reefers, are offered as full container loads only. Refrigerated containers are for product that requires protection from heat or cold, ventilation or temperature control. With the integration of reefer containers, this allows consumers all over the world to enjoy perishable products at any time of year. Many carriers will offer 20 and 40 foot refrigerated containers, but they are subject to space and equipment availability. Most of the ocean carriers have invested sizable amounts in upgraded and modern reefer containers. This allows shippers of perishable products to ship their goods with a number of quality carriers to many global destinations.

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage is a requirement for any international shipments imported in or exported out of a country. Same rules apply to the cargo movement in and out of bonded areas or warehouses for many countries. Upon arrival of the shipment, acting on behalf of the client customs broker clears shipment via submitting documents and/or electronic submissions (such as Trade Link) to the authorities, paying taxes, duties, and miscellaneous charges according to the local regulations. We have the expertise to support our clients to process and handle all types of cargoes in and out of all international locations. We are highly focused and experienced in handling import and export processing especially for those locations where our local offices possess the knowledge, experience, and latest information of any policy changes. In such, huge advantage of mitigating any potential risks of costly delays or seizure of the cargo. Clients simply appoint us as their customs broker and we will do the rest. Additionally, we can further arrange the shipment to the designated destination without fail.


In supply chain management, cargo movement to meet specific fulfillment needs is very critical. In the not so perfect world, there are always timing issues which could have affected the production and order fulfillment especially when reacting to a highly fluctuating demand and market. In addition, as the oil price has been on the upside trend over the years, cost savings on freight is no longer the only option applied. We provide both warehousing and distribution center services to our clients, as specifically designed to the individual requirements.


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